Below is a list of people that are genuine breeders within the UK.  Please remember that many dealers/petshops will try and convince you that their tortoises are captive bred but in fact they often are not.  They are generally "farmed" abroad or possibly even wild caught. 

Please feel free to contact those below about their babies.  Please note - it is very important that you obtain the correct paperwork from the breeder (if applicable) if you should buy one from them.







Alison Surrey 07768 862354 Russians

Anne Cheshire   Hermanns
Arlene Hants   Hermanns
Brian North East   Hermanns
Cheryl Leicester 07852 220734 Hermanns
Darren Kent   Ibera
Darren Cheshire   Ibera/Redfoot/Russian/Yellowfoot
Di Leicester   Ibera
Elaine Kent   Graeca
Helen East Yorks 07866 820204 Russians
Kate Beds 01582 664575 Hermanns
Lin Oxon   Ibera
Lisa Kent   Russians/Ibera
Lynn Hants   Hermanns
Mags Northamptonshire   Ibera
Martin Sheffield   Russians
Mary Wiltshire   Hermanns/Ibera/Russians
Maureen Herts   Russians/Hermanns
Pam Shropshire   Ibera
Sally Herts   Hermanns
Sandy Kent   Ibera
Shirley Jersey   Hermanns/Ibera/Marginata
Sue Devon   Hermanns
Ted Suffolk   Hermanns
Tom   Northants 01327 860465 Hermanns/Ibera/Whitei
Val West Sussex 01342 325855 Hermanns/Marginata/Graeca
Lindsay Surrey   Russians