Here are a selection of good tortoise related links that I have found very useful and have been recommended to me over the years. - This group campaigs for the ban on the capture and importation of tortoises into the UK for the pet trade and to stop unscrupulous dealers and the trafficking of tortoises. The group is initially compiling the most comprehensive list of Genuine UK Tortoise Breeders in order to offer an alternative to purchasing imported tortoises, many of which are of dubious origin. - This site (with its downloadable booklet) is written by Lin King and is for the care of Mediterranean species.  It has an extensive plant/weed list that is also applicable to other species of tortoise and shows pictures of plants for ease of identification. - The Tortoise Trust has many extensive care sheets on most species of tortoise and lots of other information and articles.  Contains an easy to read article on "fridge hibernation" - Linton Zoo.  A truly wonderful day out and totally dedicated to conservation.  Their tortoises are magnificant, dont miss them. - A source for the Powersun Active UV lights - A site written by Misty Corton who lives in the leopard tortoise's homeland.  This site is a must for owners of African species. - This company provides many weed/plant seeds and now produces a special "tortoise mix" which was devised by the TLady.

Duncton Tortoises - A comical, unique and interesting site. - Tony and Judy Simmon's rescue ranch. - Tony and Judy Simmon's rescue ranch. - A friendly and experienced tortoise list. - A database of worldwide recommended reptile vets.  Search by country/county/town - A database of worldwide recommended reptile vets.  Search by country/county/town

Turtle Homes - Sulcata Reality Check - Thinking of a sulcata?  Take this test first, it will open your eyes and maybe save you from making a *big* mistake!

Egyptian Tortoise Care - A comprehensive guide to owning an egyptian tortoise. - for equipment at a good price!